From the Editors: Notes on an Improved Format

Dear friends,

The Art of Theory is an experiment, and like all experiments, it evolves.

Last year we launched The Art of Theory as a journal of short articles and interviews. Since then we’ve been joined by over 1,500 subscribers and thousands of regular readers. We think we’re on to something good here.

The editorial staff has spent the first half of 2012 talking with readers and considering how to carry this experiment forward. We’ve noticed two things: our essays have been very well-received, while our interviews have been not only well-received, but well-loved.

It turns out that publishing substantive, scholarly interviews is the greatest contribution our journal can offer.

With that in mind, in future months we’ll be focusing more on those interviews, starting with this delightful interview with Josh Ober. We’ll still publish the occasional symposium, but we’re doing more of what we think we do best—conversation—and our publication schedule will reflect that: as conversations happen, they’ll be published.

In a discipline where discourse matters, we think these improvements hold a lot of discursive potential.

Thanks for joining us for what’s next.

Jason Swadley
Founding Editor
Gordon Arlen
Teresa Bejan
Jonathan Bruno